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An ISO 9001:2008 certified Company offering a range laboratory tested health care and skin care products including Anti-Biotics, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Helmintic, Anti Inflammatory, Anti-Pyretics, Muscle Relaxants, Anti-Fungal, Ayurvedic formulations, etc.

ISCON OTC DIVISION after tasting success in the sale of their pharmacutical products are now looking ambitiously forward to cater to the growing demand for OTC and FMCG products, thus reaching out to the general population with their quality products. While entering into this market the Company has taken utmost care to address creativity, innovation while keeping in mind the popularity of the products.

The high standards required to be competitive are being met and at the same time the needs of modern lifestyles are being catered to. Apart from marketing by traditional distribution and retailing channels in India, ISCON OTC DIVISION has also set its eyes on the lucrative export market. The range being innovative and popular the Company will be open for co-branding and corporate gifting. In the long run the future seems to be very bright.

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