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Start Your Own Pharma Franchise in Assam

Assam's vibrant culture and diverse population make it one of the richest states in the country in terms of heritage. The healthcare system of the state has progressed over the years and safe to say, has opened doors to those who wish to enter the pharmaceutical industry. As an enthusiast looking to start a business, we’d encourage you to consider being a pharma franchise in Assam.

A PCD pharma franchise in Assam allows you to explore all the possibilities of owning your business while operating under the tag of a reputed pharmaceutical brand. This model has proven to be effective in penetrating new markets and gaining traction for your company. However, how do you find such a brand that is willing to invest its values and resources to assist in this venture? Thankfully, you have landed on the right page, because we at Iscon Life Sciences, are here to support this growth.

With over 20 years of experience, we have seen the improvements in the healthcare sector of Assam, as well as, room for new pharma franchises to grow. You can be a leading PCD pharma franchise Company in India by partnering with us and utilising what we have to offer for your business and your market.

Being a PCD franchise, you get to enjoy a multitude of benefits and we can list some of them below.


Benefits of Being a Pharma Franchise Company

1. Minimum Investment: You eliminate the hiccups of researching and making your own product formulations, creating brand recognition or marketing your business when you get all this from us. By already being part of us, you also eliminate the risk of finding success from the get-go.

2. Local Market: The convenience of operating in your local market helps you determine consumer behaviour and sales tactics to attract new faces and retain them. Furthermore, local recognition is the first step to growth.

3. Existing Products: With a portfolio of over 600 product formulations, you spend little to nothing in creating your own and starting a business offering the resources we distribute to your franchise.

4. Promotional Support: It can get quite difficult to offer better deals and earn trust early on. Thus, we can provide you with professional support in marketing and promoting your business to get the kickstart you need.

Success Rates of Being a Pharmaceutical Franchise in India

Once you are well-established, chances are that you can expand your growth to new markets or introduce newness to your current market attracting more customers to visit your business. We speak from experience and a chain of thousands of distributors, retailers and suppliers recalling their successes for partnering with us.

Success Starts Here with Iscon Life Sciences

As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India, we have marked our name for the contributions and success we have made. Be part of our journey by being a top PCD pharma franchise in India. We offer you expert assistance in starting your franchise, resources to operate and market and finally being part of all the accomplishments we make along the way.

Get in touch with us to enquire more about the PCD model and how you can start it with us.