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Opportunities and Growth as a Pharma Franchise in Karnataka

Karnataka, a state with immense development and harbour of MNCs, has made great strides in its healthcare system over the years. The population has grown more aware of the health care they receive and thus, entering this field will require you to be optimistic and opportunistic. The idea of being a pharma franchise in Karnataka is proven to improve your chances of being successful at minimum investment costs.

As a PCD Pharma franchise in Karnataka, you'll need extensive knowledge about the industry and a well-reputed pharmaceutical company to support you. This model was introduced only for the pharma industry and thus, is beneficial for you to venture into the business with a parent company. But, who do you turn to? This is where Iscon Life Sciences can help you achieve your goal.

With over two decades of experience, we have earned our reputation as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India. We manufacture, supply and export our ISO 9001:2015-certified products nationwide and franchisees under our tags.


Advantages of Being a PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India

Owning a PCD pharma franchise opens doors for numerous benefits, the most important being reduced investment and risk. Franchisees are basically a part of the parent company and thus, invest less in building a brand and earning recognition. With us, you already have an established firm backing up your endeavour and entering the market.

Furthermore, you are not operating in an alien market but rather your local one where you have or can study customer behaviour conveniently and provide services as per their need. Once you are acquainted with your locals, you can expand your pharma franchise company to a newer audience; this is how success ensues for franchisees.

Despite the support provided by the parent company, you can operate your business independently and with some degree of flexibility. You can tailor the way sales strategies are made, and how management must approach the market for better turnovers.

The benefits don’t just stop there, there are more you can discover by being a part of us and finding the business model yourself.

What Will be Your Responsibilities as a Pharmaceutical Franchise in India?

Admittedly, you have quite a degree of exclusive rights but also must keep in mind certain responsibilities that you must follow. This might include active promotion of the product formulations you source from us and reach out to potential buyers like doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc.

Maintaining records of the inventory you receive; and keeping accounts of the financial flows and dues can make operational activities much smoother.

As a franchise, you are independent to lead the business with the best suitable plans you have while also promoting the brand in your local and new markets.

Why Iscon Life Sciences?

Iscon Life Sciences has been in the industry for 24 years. We have seen the dynamics change over the years and can safely say that we can provide you with our professional support to start your pharma business.

We have over a thousand suppliers and 1 lakh+ distributors all over the country that distribute our pharmaceutical products. With such success rates of being recognised all over the country, join us to be a top PCD pharma franchise in India. Get in touch with us, today!