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Pharma Franchise in Maharashtra: Explore the Opportunities

One of the most frequented destinations in the country, Maharashtra is known for its richness in heritage, culture and festivities. As the third most populated state in the country, the healthcare industry is one you can penetrate to start a business. If it's the pharmaceutical industry that you are looking at, then we’d advise you to be a pharma franchise in Maharashtra.
Why should you be a franchise over a company? A PCD pharma franchise in Maharashtra is the best way to establish your business without going through the tedious task of creating a company, getting certifications and capturing the market through expensive ways. You can benefit from being a business and being part of a larger organisation that is willing to support you through this model. But where can you find such a company to help you through this? The answer is Iscon Life Sciences.

Iscon Life Sciences is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India and has been providing its product formulations across the nation for over 20 years. Our team of professionals guide you through the path of being a franchisee and successful at that too. So, join us to find the endless opportunities of being a PCD pharma franchise company in India.

Benefits of Being a Pharma Franchise Company

The PCD model for pharmaceutical franchisees offers numerous benefits, some of which are listed below.

1. Cost-Effective Business: As a franchisee, you are lowering your investment rates as you don’t have to set up the business by yourself but rather take up what the parent company has to offer in your market. This way, you are saving the cost of starting a business, implementing the products and convincing the market to buy it because the brand is already well-known.

2. Established Products: Franchisees often find it beneficial to associate and present tested and approved products to the market which makes their trade trustworthy.

3. Promotional Aids: Entering the market as a franchise, you might find it difficult to present the pharma products at your store or how better they are than the others. We provide you with brochures, sample products, and demos to educate your audience about what you have to offer.

4. Local Market: The best part about being a franchise is not having to relocate to a new market because you can sell the products in the comfort of your local market. Determining consumer behavior and competition, you can devise your own sales pitch to attract familiar faces to your business.

Success Rates of Being a Pharmaceutical Franchise in India

PCD was a model that was introduced in the Indian pharmaceutical industry to initiate bigger and better products to every market for better health status. So, far, the changes and impact it has made are positive and you can be part of this journey too. A franchise that takes advantage of this model to grow in the business is seen to have a higher success rate of being established in the long run.

Success Starts with Iscon Life Sciences

If anyone can testify to the success of our business in local and national markets, then it would be our 1 lakh+ distributors and retailers who actively supply and export our innovative product formulations.

Be part of this journey to be a top PCD pharma franchise in India. Schedule a call and let’s discuss success!