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Transform Healthcare: Establish Your PCD Pharma Franchise in Sikkim

If one must explore biodiversity and subtropical climates in their full glory, then they would catch a train to Sikkim. For people living in Sikkim, this not only reflects their health status as being strong enough to withstand extreme climatic conditions but also the progressing sector of healthcare to meet their citizens’ growing needs. This is where you can enter the industry as a trusted PCD pharma franchise in Sikkim.


Known as India’s pharmaceutical hub, Sikkim provides promising opportunities for budding entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry. It offers excellent infrastructure, government support and skilled workforces to ensure your entry is smooth and successful. Furthermore, starting a pharma franchise in Sikkim under a reputed brand is bound to give you amazing exposure and marketing benefits from the get-go. This is where you can approach Iscon Life Sciences for support and we open doors of opportunities for you to utilise.

Iscon Life Sciences is one the leading pharmaceutical companies in India with over two decades of experience. Our experts have paved the to success for us through ever-challenging times and can be the perfect guide for you to be a renowned PCD pharma franchise company in India that offers versatile services from Sikkim.

Let Us Explore More About The PCD Model

PCD or Propaganda-Cum-Distribution is a business model introduced in the pharmaceutical industry that allows branded companies to grant distribution and marketing rights to individuals. This model offers dual benefits to the franchisor and franchisee. It allows franchisors to penetrate territorial markets with the help of franchisees and they, in return, operate with the backing of their brand.

The PCD model has facilitated the growth of several brands and franchisees to expand beyond their territorial market. In Sikkim, the limited competition and unlimited demands for uncompromising pharmaceutical competition allow you to be a promising pharmaceutical franchise in India.

Benefits of Being A Pharmaceutical Franchise in India

Establishing a franchise in Sikkim is assured to provide you with numerous benefits and we have listed some of them below.

1.Low-Cost Investment: Franchisees working under the model of PCD generally require very little investment to start and run the business efficiently. This is also the reason why small and medium-sized entrepreneurs enter the industry with this model.

2.Local Market: Franchisees can target their local and territorial market to start their business. This is especially effective when the franchisees are well aware of their target audience’s behaviour and have an actionable strategy to employ to attract them.

3.Promotional Aid: Sometimes, franchisees struggle to promote and depict their service efficiently. This is where a franchisor guides them with marketing support, brochures, visual cues, demos, and more to intrigue your target audience to check out your business.

4.Independent Operations: The best part about being a PCD franchisee is that you get to enjoy a degree of freedom to have exclusive rights in conducting your business while having indefinite support from your franchisor. Activities like management systems, operations, marketing strategies and much more can be under the control of the franchisee.

With Iscon Life Sciences, Prioritise Success

Over the years of being in the industry, we have identified the roadblocks to success and have proven to overcome them with our best business models. In Iscon Life Sciences, you can gain professional guidance and unlimited support to grow continuously. If you wish to achieve greatness and become the top PCD pharma franchise in India, then get in touch with us today!