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Unlocking Success: Opportunities As A Pharma Franchise in West Bengal

With its broad geographical features and rivers, West Bengal is a wonder accepted globally. However, compared to its healthy heritage, the strides in its health sector seem to be progressing slowly. In such situations, businesses can establish themselves and attract the market by providing what they are looking for and lacking. If you are one such business aspirant, starting a pharma franchise in West Bengal would be profitable.
As a PCD pharma franchise in West Bengal, you derive numerous benefits such as growing a healthy market, monopolising it, getting expert support systems from a reputed franchisor and so on. But, who is willing to support your plan and goals? You would be delighted to know that Iscon Life Sciences is here to hear your business plans and provide you with essential assistance.

Iscon Life Sciences has been in the industry for over two decades and has experienced the dynamic evolution first-hand. We thrived through every challenge thrown at us and thus, can be the best professionals to guide you in establishing a PCD pharma franchise company in India with minimum effort, risk and investment. This way, you can penetrate your local market and create recognition for yourself in no time.

But to move forward, let us dissect what PCD is and how you can benefit from being one.

Here's What You Need to Know About PCD

As part of the Indian pharmaceutical industry, the PCD model, or Propaganda-Cum-Distribution model, was introduced to pool business ideas from all over the country and to establish franchises in all states, thereby improving the healthcare system and promoting entrepreneurship. So, far this system has worked out positively for brands as well as franchisees.

In West Bengal, you are dealing with a larger population that has growing demands and unequally growing businesses to support them. Thus, becoming a PCD pharma franchise company improves your chances of growing exponentially in a short time frame. While you enjoy exclusive territorial rights to run the business, you can also utilise Iscon Life Sciences’ support system to the full.

Benefits of Being A Pharmaceutical Franchise in India

Low-Cost Investments: Compared to other types of pharmaceutical business models, PCD franchises generally require a lower initial investment, thus making it accessible for small as well as medium-sized businesses.

Ongoing Support: From the moment we seal the deal to become your franchisor, our support system will continue indefinitely for smoother operations. This works in terms of marketing, logistics and regulatory compliance.

Market Penetration: As stated earlier, by owning a degree of exclusive rights to operate in your territory, you essentially get to penetrate deeper into the market, and build effective connections and a loyal customer base.

Independent Operations: Franchisors offer their franchisees the freedom to manage and control their businesses while providing them with the support and systems that they are familiar with.

Why Iscon Life Sciences?

We are a successful pharmaceutical company and above all a recognised business that manufactures, supplies and exports over 600 product formulations that are certified by ISO 9001:2015. Iscon Life Sciences perceives to aid our franchisees to success alongside us and thus, to become a top PCD pharma franchise in India, utilise our expertise and get in touch with us today.